Evert Stenlund, Guljajev

Nikolaj Guljajev, 1 January 1966

The eighties was by no means a dull period for speed skating. In 1987 the sport went indoors owing to the new facilities in Heerenveen and Calgary. During the first part Medeo stood for most of the best results and the most successful Sovjet skaters were Viktor Sjasjerin, Andrej Bobrov, Igor Malkov and Oleg Bozjev. In Norway allround speed skating was represented by Rolf Falk-Larssen and later Geir Karlstad and Dutch speed skating had its top performers in Hilbert van der Duim and later Hein Vergeer. Sweden was represented by Tomas Gustafson. With the new indoor facilities a new era was started. Names like Nikolaj Guljajev, Michael Hadschieff, Leo Visser, Erik Flaim and Tomas Gustafson were topping the allrond lists.
Nikolaj Guljajev was, in 1987, the first skater to become World Champion indoors, and the same year he also took the title at the European Championship. He also won a gold medal on 1000 m in Calgary 1988.

Personal Records:

36.84 Medeo 22 December 1989
1.13.03 Calgary 18 February 1988
1.52.70 Heerenveen 15 February 1987
4.11.2 Leningrad 17 December 1987
6.51.28 Heerenveen 14 February 1987
14.28.45 Heerenveen 15 February 1987

World Records:

1.52.70 Heerenveen 15 February 1987
159.356 Heerenveen 14/15 February 1987 (Big Comb.)

#1 in Adelskalendern:

15 February 1987 - 13 February 1988
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